Joe Jonas files for divorce from Sophie Turner after being caught on Ring Cam

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner may have attempted to quash numerous rumors about their impending divorce, but it seems that they couldn’t silence insiders claiming to have inside information about their relationship. Turner, 27, and Jonas, 34, recently shared a joint statement that “dismissed many speculations as to why they are parting ways,” but now another claim has emerged.

TMZ reports that purported sources close to Jonas have alleged that the singer “said and/or did something to his four-year-old wife that made her feel like the marriage was over.” TMZ also revealed that the couple has been grappling with significant issues for the past six months, struggling with conflicting priorities on how to spend their free time. He prefers to stay in, whereas she enjoys going out. Their lifestyles are significantly dissimilar, according to one source.

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Joe Jonas

A former Game of Thrones co-star revealed to the Daily Mail on September 6th that Turner was seeking a break from her marriage to Jonas, at the young age of 20. According to the source, Sophie feels as though she has now realized how her life has been since she was a small child. She became famous at such a young age, then got married and had kids at a young age, and didn’t have the typical teenage and young adult years of carefree fun with friends.”

She believes that the end of Game of Thrones and the birth of her children put an end to her existence. Jonas and Turner are the parents of two daughters: 3-year-old Vala and an unnamed 14-month-old baby girl.

Officially, Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Miami on Tuesday, September 5th, declaring the marriage “irretrievably broken.” While both insist that the split is amicable, the emerging details of their “iron-clad” prenup suggest that there could be a tough battle ahead.


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