82nd Airborne Division Chorus wins over judges, lands spot in 'AGT' finale: 'America needs you'

82nd airborne division chorus captured a hero's victory on "america’s were given talent."

The army-based acapella organization, which received over the judges with its energetic rendition of crimson's "i'm right here," earned a spot in the season 18 finale wednesday night.

Judge howie mandel, who gave the vocal ensemble a shoutout for its military service tuesday, wasn't surprised by way of the group's win.

they're heroic anyhow, and then you have this skills," mandel said. "america loves you. The us wishes you.

82nd airborne wasn't the handiest act who struck a chord with viewers. Balancing act duo ramadhani brothers become also voted through to the following round of the opposition after its nail-biting overall performance

"within the history of '(the us's) got expertise,' you  are certainly one of the first-class acts we've got ever witnessed," judge heidi klum said.

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